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US to Recruit Former Afghan Military Pilots and Forces to Fight Russia against Ukraine

A Belarusian volunteer receives military training at the Belarusian Company base in Kyiv, Ukraine, Tuesday, March 8, 2022. Hundreds of Belarus' emigrants and citizens have arrived in Ukraine to help the Ukrainian army fight against Russian invaders. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

The US Pentagon reportedly recruits former Afghan military pilots and special unit members, trains them, and then dispatches them to Ukraine through Poland, according to Russian media citing a military-diplomatic source.

The US Department of Defense, aka the Pentagon, began hiring former Afghan pilots a year ago and training them in California so they could enter Ukraine through Poland, according to a Russian military-diplomatic source who spoke to the TASS Russian news agency.

The recruited Afghan military forces will undergo extensive training, after which they will be deployed to “combat zones” in Ukraine to fight Russia, the Russian news agency reported.

Earlier, it was said that the Afghan army’s military aircraft were deployed in the conflict in Ukraine. Additionally, an American senator said that some former Afghan special forces were in control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Earlier, Zamir Kabulov, the Russian president’s special representative for Afghanistan, stated that Russia does not want Ukraine to have access to the military helicopters and aircraft used by the Afghan government that were evacuated to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan last year.

Last year in mid-August, amid the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan as Foreign troops withdrew, Afghan pilots with US training flew dozens of military jets and helicopters to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Contrary to general expectations, Ukraine has managed to withstand the Russian invasion six months after Russia’s armed invasion with the support of the West.

Despite not actively intervening in the war in Ukraine, NATO and its member states have, nonetheless, provided the country-at-war billions of dollars worth of military support.

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