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Pizza Hut Taiwan Releases April Fool’s Day ‘pizza’

Pizza Hut Taiwan has come up with yet another type of pizza in celebration of April Fool’s Day.

On Saturday morning (April 1), the restaurant chain announced the “Zero Damage Pizza” over social media. In reference to all the “specialty” pizzas it had presented in the past, it wrote in a post, “Sorry, Italians! Sorry, Japanese! Sorry, people of Changhua! … In our latest work, the ‘Zero Damage Pizza,’ we learned the truth of repenting by letting go of ingredients.”

The new pizza was dubbed “the friendliest product in history” and “loved by everyone.” Pizza Hut Taiwan added, “We guarantee that no one will die of anger because of this product.”

It turned out to be a ring of Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust, priced at NT$149 (US$4.88).

The pizza immediately went viral. So many people bought the pizza that netizens reported their deliveries being delayed or even canceled.

Netizens, celebrities, and influencers alike flooded social media with photos of their orders, with many expressing their surprise that it was actually available to order.

The pizza is available until Friday (April 7), though many Pizza Hut fans asked for it to become a regular product on the restaurant chain’s menu.

Pizza Hut Taiwan has a history of creating pizzas that incorporate elements from Taiwanese cuisine, ranging from pearl milk tea, cilantro century egg pig blood cake, popcorn chicken, tangyuan, to ba-wan. It has also presented several holiday-themed flavors to celebrate special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

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