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North Vancouver crews called to rescue injured cliff jumper in Lynn Canyon

Firefighters in North Vancouver are issuing yet another warning after being called to rescue an injured cliff jumper in the Lynn Canyon area.

District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue was called to the Twin Falls area Monday afternoon, where a young man dislocated his shoulder when he hit the water while jumping in.

The area is popular on hot summer days, but has also been the site of numerous rescues — along with multiple fatalities.

“We are here every year doing the same thing, pulling people out of the same places,” Fire Captain Kit Little told Global News.

“We’ve had numerous deaths over the years in the canyon from people going in the water where they shouldn’t have, cliff jumping where they shouldn’t have, it’s not a guarantee.”

Rescue crews had to deploy ropes to access the man.

Little said prior to the rescue, someone was able to lower a space blanket down to the injured person, and that even in summer hypothermia can be a danger in the shady canyon with cold water and cool rocks.

He added that this response was a success, but that the situation doesn’t always work out as well, and that people should be aware of the dangers the canyon holds.

“You’ve got to climb over fences and go against all the signs to get in there, it’s a dangerous thing to do,” he said.

“There are a lot of hazards, the river is always changing, the water is cold all year around, a lot of things can go sideways.”

Source: Global News