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Kazakh Tech Company Launches Fourth-Generation University To Bring Digital Solutions for SMEs

Almaty-based DAR company has announced expansion plans by launching a next-generation corporate university to meet the demand for specific technology experts in the country. 

The DAR University (DAR U) is focused on education, research, and internal process automation and offers a hybrid form of learning. The university offers education in seven areas, including Java, Web, UI/UX, Business Analysis, Project and Product Management, and Digital Marketing.

“We are creating an ecosystem by combining our projects. We have been working on these projects since 2016 and we are now ready to share our products and experience. At the same, we are creating a culture that reflects our core values – human capital and community development. Our products are designed by local IT specialists and made for local businesses,” Founder of DAR Alidar Utemuratov said in an interview for this story. 

Since 2016, the university has trained more than 500 specialists. Most of the students are involved in creating the company’s products. In 2022, more than 1,300 people completed express courses. 

In addition, the company is promoting its 5Qit and 5Qbe platforms to the market. 5Qit is a platform for business management that replaces multiple technologies and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to oversee their operations remotely using a mobile app. The system is available in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The app helps to track team performance from any part of the world.

5Qbe is a multimedia platform for creators to share their knowledge and earn from their expertise. The users can also expand their audience and build a community. The easy-to-use platform enables creation of video lessons using different formats.

“We develop solutions which are unique and add tangible value to the SME sector. We provide the tech innovations that are available to big businesses and make them affordable for small companies leveling the playing field for all. We are proud that all our products are proprietary, developed entirely by our own programmers and experts without having to outsource any part of the process,” he said.

“Our goal is to provide consumers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, with tools for faster and more flexible growth. This coupled with the development of the education sector ultimately leads  to a high-skill-high-wage model and a stronger economy,” Utemuratov said.

The company is also involved in sports promotion, with Utemuratov being the founder of NAIZA and more recently through the launch of NAIZA TV, a Mixed Martial Arts media production and online streaming service.

Utemuratov and his company seek to expand their business into Indonesia and some European countries. 

“We have worked in Indonesia before. The launch of DAR U is an opportunity to bring Kazakh products to the fast-growing consumer market of ASEAN countries. We also intend to enter the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), the Middle East and North Africa. Globally, we want all our projects to raise interest in markets around the world. We want to become Kazakhstan’s project that will have its own presence among the global players in this area,” he said.

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Kazakh Tech Company Launches Fourth-Generation University To Bring Digital Solutions for SMEs