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Jeremy Renner Reveals Brutal Realities of Accident Recovery

Jeremy Renner has shared an insight into his ongoing recovery.

The 52-year-old Marvel star broke more than 30 bones in January when he was crushed by a seven-tonne snow plough.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the actor posted a photo of himself with tubes winding up his nose while he used a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

He also posted a short video of himself working out his legs, which are ‘filled with titanium’.

Jeremy captioned his first photo: ‘Sending love from 02 chamber.’

Across his video, he wrote: ‘Knees/ankles recalibrating. Strengthening around the titanium to set up for later rounds in life.’

Jeremy revealed earlier this month that he is currently using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber twice a day.

The chambers create an environment in which users can breathe 100% oxygen as opposed to the 21% found in air.

This means the lungs absorb more oxygen and pass it into the bloodstream, speeding up the healing process.

Speaking to the New York Times in April, Jeremy confirmed he’d ‘lost a lot of flesh and bone’ but ‘has been refilled with love and titanium’.

He was involved in a horrific accident on New Year’s Day when he was crushed by a plough.

He was injured while trying to save his nephew but was hit by and ‘pulled under’ the machine.

After three weeks under the care of doctors, he returned home and, despite fears he’d never walk again, has continued to make astonishing progress.

From walking his first red carpet to getting back in the gym, the Hawkeye actor has amazed everyone with how far he’s come in such a short space of time.

Jeremy also recently revisited the medical staff who took care of him to say thank you for looking after him.

He was cared for by workers at Renown Regional Medical Centre, hailing them an ‘amazing group of people’ who ‘saved my life.’

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