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Afghanistan Hit by Second Earthquake in Days

A second large earthquake has hit Afghanistan just days after a 6.3 magnitude quake in the same region killed more than 1,000 people.

The new quake, of the same magnitude, struck at around 05:10 local time (00:40 GMT) on Tuesday.

The epicentre is 28km (17 miles) north of the city of Herat.

The impact of the new quake is not yet clear, but many are already sleeping in the open after their homes were destroyed on Saturday.

There is also a shortage of blankets, food and other supplies.

Saturday morning’s earthquake hit Zindajan, a rural district some 40km (25 miles) from Herat city.

Images from the villages show entire houses, which were too fragile to withstand such a quake, reduced to rubble.

Afghanistan is frequently hit by earthquakes – especially in the Hindu Kush mountain range as it lies near the junction of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates.

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